48 of my favorite skipping and throwing rocks

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A flattish disk, slight concavities on both sides—more importantly on the lower surface; around 75 mm in diameter / 12-15 mm along the z-axis; massy, conceivably stable in flight. A single distinct but humble nock or protrusion on which the index finger can settle, providing additional purchase and thus rotational inertia when cast towards the water. Maybe it feels rough on the top side. Maybe it looks reddish at a certain time of day. It is almost surely dense, and strong.

A rough sphere, slightly asymmetric. Dimensions somewhat negligible; smaller than a fist but almost definitely not larger; heavy. Its form is receptive to a tensed curving of the index and middle fingers. One largish hollow comfortably accommodates the pad of a thumb. Smaller holes and inconsistencies in the surface provide tactile recognition and help to shape the trajectory along which it will be guided. It will probably cause damage.